Fox School Immersion Activities

International Business and Career Exploration Event

On September 6 of 2017, the Fox School of Business along with Temple University CIBER (Center for International Business Education and Research) hosted a career exploration event in which a panel of business professionals spoke and answered questions about their roles within Internationl Business. There were three speakers present: Ron Drozd, Josh Gordon, and Megan Panaccio. All of the speakers came from different backgrounds and they were all very open and receptive to the questions brought up from the audience. My professor of Interantional Business, Professor Lobron, suggested that the entire class attend this event in order to get a better understanding of the IB program. I learned alout about IB. Being an HR major I never really thought about International Business but I learned that no matter what major you are in the FOX school it’s important to have an understanding of how business is conducted in other parts of the world, especially with HR. As a HR representative, when dealing with people and their different cultures, that is in fact international business and being culturally aware of those differences makes a big impact.