Work History and Experience


img_0033I have been working full time at Verizon Wireless since May of 2015. I was initially hired as a support role for the operations and management team known as an Experience Specialist. An Experience Specialist is a cross training role between Operations, Sales, and Managament. As an experience specialist, I was responsible for training my coworkers on new technological solutions and concepts so that as a team we would be able to then teach  and sell those concepts and solutions to our customers. I was also responsible for managing the sales floor including but not limited to queue management, diffusing escalations, and managing sales representatives objectives such as making sure store quota has been reached. After about 6 months in that role I was promoted to a Solutions Specialist in which I now contribute to the overall health and performance of the store location by actively selling technological solutions to reach individual quota metrics along with participating in creating incentive programs to help motivate other employees.


From February 2014 to June 2015 I worked at Dave and Busters as the shift leader of the Winner’s Circle. During my time as a shift leader, I was responsible for the training and development of new hires along with assisting management with scheduling. As part of the training and development aspect of my position I was held accountable for introducing new hires to the company culture making sure they served as a perfect fit for what Dave and Busters represented.


From July 2013 to May 2014 I worked as a treat team member for Rita’s Water Ice. During my time at Rita’s, I delivered an exceptional customer experience while serving customers Rita’s frozen treats during high-volume, fast paced operations. I handled financial transactions of over $800 dollars a day following both opening and closing register procedures. I was also the head treat team member for events that involved a Rita’s Water Ice stand. In order to promote the brand, Rita’s regularly showed face at big events around the Philadelphia, New Jersey Area. I worked events at the Lincoln Financial Field, Philadelphia Convention Center, Wells Fargo Center etc. At these events I was responsible for making sure every Rita’s stand was staffed with the best team in order to handle the fast paced operations that these events promoted. Especially during the colder months I really had to motivate my  team members to continue to serve frozen treats with a smile on their faces as to make sure Rita’s was properly represented.