GlassDoor: The Future of Work

Glassdoor is focused on promoting collaboration between its employees to produce a productive and creative work space. Many companies, just like Glassdoor, have switched to more of an open office floor plan that has executives working with lower level employees to increase idea generation and teamwork. This can also cause issues as well. In the video segment, the recruiting manager of Glassdoor discusses how it can cause distractions and be disruptive to employees who are working hard. In the article “The Ideal Office Floor Plan, According to Science” it discusses the negative effects an open office floor plan can have. For example, employee behaviors can rub off on each other. A low productive employee might influence a high productive employee to produce low quality work. Also, you need to seat employees near each other that encourage each other to strengthen their skills not destroy them. Constant talking can occur as well and can be disruptive to employees who are trying to work. Overall, employers need to consider the negatives of this up and coming trend.

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