HR Internship

This summer I interned at Cowden Associates, Inc. located in Pittsburgh, PA. I worked in both their Compensation and Health & Benefits departments. In their Compensation department, I mainly researched what employees should be payed based on both regional and national averages for that position and industry. I used a database that offered average salaries for small companies up to Fortune 500 companies. In their Health & Benefits department, I was involved in many things, such as attending meetings and webinars, looking at employee claims, assessing renewal projections for health plans, and various smaller activities.

Overall, I enjoyed my time at Cowden. It expanded my knowledge upon HR involving compensation and benefits. I was given the ability to experience how to research and determine fair pay within a company. I believe creating fair pay is very crucial to a company because it can help boost employee morale and attract new employees. I also learned a large amount about the different health plans that can be offered and how each can benefit employees. This internship also taught me about how to act within a professional setting and work with coworkers to achieve a common goal. I believe Cowden helped me accomplish the necessary skills when determining compensation and benefit programs that align with the organization’s goals and strategies.


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