Online Video: Creating A Sense of Purpose

Video/Podcast/Ted Talk Title and Link: Creating A Sense of Purpose


Questions: Jacob Morgan Video Clips

  1. In a few sentences, please discuss your thoughts about this video segment/podcast, and explain how the information relates to the practice of human resource management.

– My thoughts on this video are that when you really think about it, than we really are here for purpose when it comes to getting a job done. In this video, Morgan mentions how an employee will stock up the toilet paper in the bathrooms so it can be there for people to use. A doctors person is to diagnose and heal us. A teachers purpose is to educate us. A cooks purpose is to feed us. We all have a purpose at work, and the reason for our purpose is so that it benefits someone else. An employee who cleans bathrooms can be praised for how he contributes to the work field.

  1. Please describe the unique aspects of the organization’s HR function.

– The unique aspects of the HR organization is that all these employees who are hired, whether for cleaning bathrooms or stocking inventory, they all have a purpose to contribute to the organization. It is the HR department responsibility to see who can help our company grow and who we need.

  1. Please consider replicating these innovations/policies/ in other organizations. Would it be desirable or realistic? If so, please describe the challenges involved, and how the HR Department might address these obstacles to implementation.

– These innovations would be realistic in other organizations as well, every company needs a back hand or an employee who will cover the job. An employee will be hired that knows how to get the job done without holding their hand and leading them of what to do.

  1. Please highlight one of the HR issues or challenges discussed in the video/podcast and identify an article that relates to this issue. Please post a link to the article and describe how the information is relevant.

To Give your Employees Meaning, With Mission

  • I chose this article because it relates to what Morgan talked about in his video. People’s work lives are enriched greatly when they feel they are making progress on work that is meaningful, in other words, when they feel they are making a difference in the world. If an employee for instance like a cook can satisfy one’s hunger, then that is very important for them. Unfortunately, too many companies don’t even try to make work meaningful for the people doing it. Managers in such companies seem to think that paying people is reason enough for them to perform at their best. But extrinsic motivation only goes so far. It doesn’t lead people to be highly engaged orcreative. Even the mission statements of some companies fall flat, focusing solely on shareholder value, competitiveness in the marketplace, or staying out of trouble.



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