Online Video: Glassdoor: The Future of Work

Video/Podcast/Ted Talk Title and Link: Glassdoor: The Future of Work

Questions: Jacob Morgan Video Clips

  1. In a few sentences, please discuss your thoughts about this video segment/podcast, and explain how the information relates to the practice of human resource management.

– This video shows that Glassdoor is a great help for millennials who are new to the workforce. As a millennial, we have access to the internet very easily now and having Glassdoor give us feedback/reviews on a company than it helps a lot when applying for a job or what to expect. This relates to the human resource management because it comes down to recruiting.

  1. Please describe the unique aspects of the organization’s HR function.

– The recruiting department mentions how it is hard to hire people that fit well in the company since not many options in the Bay Area.

  1. Please consider replicating these innovations/policies/ in other organizations. Would it be desirable or realistic?  If so, please describe the challenges involved, and how the HR Department might address these obstacles to implementation.

– The HR Department can address the employees applying for the job if they really want this job? Will they enjoy the job? Is this the right fit for them?


  1. Please highlight one of the HR issues or challenges discussed in the video/podcast and identify an article that relates to this issue. Please post a link to the article and describe how the information is relevant.

Why Companies Aren’t Getting the Employees They Need

  • I chose this article because in the video it was mentioned how hiring employees is not easy, and finding the right people to fit within the company is quite a challenge. This article mentions how companies are not happy because they can’t find skilled workers, and filling a job position can takes months. Employers are blaming the situation on schools not have the graduates prepared. But practice makes perfect. They need to drop the idea of finding perfect candidates and look for people who could do the job with a bit of training and practice. There are plenty of ways to get workers up to speed without investing too much time and money, such as putting new employees on extended probationary periods and relying more on internal hires, who know the ropes better than outsiders would.














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