Online Video: Pandora: The Future of Work

Video/Podcast/Ted Talk Title and Link: Pandora: The Future of Work

Questions: Jacob Morgan Video Clips

  1. In a few sentences, please discuss your thoughts about this video segment/podcast, and explain how the information relates to the practice of human resource management.

HR is all about the success of the business, but now HR is leading the charge because it’s about the people and the peoples success. If the individuals are successful than the business is successful. The video mentions how it is hard to retain talents now a days. Companies want to hold on tightly to the talent they already have.

  1. Please describe the unique aspects of the organization’s HR function.

– The HR functions on social engagement between the employees, building trust amongst them.

  1. Please consider replicating these innovations/policies/ in other organizations. Would it be desirable or realistic? If so, please describe the challenges involved, and how the HR Department might address these obstacles to implementation.

– Innovations are happening quickly now, employers want employees that are qualified and experience but it it very rare to find employees like that now a days especially since new generation of employees are millennials.

  1. Please highlight one of the HR issues or challenges discussed in the video/podcast and identify an article that relates to this issue. Please post a link to the article and describe how the information is relevant.

HR Leader: Millennials Helping to Shape Better Workplace

  • I chose this article because in the video it is mentioned how it is hard to recruit employees who have the talent that the organization wants, mainly because millennials are the ones who are applying for the job openings but not with enough background experience. WWT’s internship program teaches students things most would call common sense, like learning better face-to-face communication, keeping eye contact and being on time. Even though they are well-versed in social media and technology, some millennials in her experience need additional help working in a professional setting. Once they have some training, they excel in growth and leadership opportunities that bring fresh ideas and innovative visions to the table.



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