Online Video: Profits Not Always the Point

Profits Not Always the Point

Questions: Ethics and Sustainability

1.   In a few sentences, please discuss your thoughts about this video segment/podcast, and explain how the information relates to the practice of human resource management.

– This video make me think about the concept that a company should not always think about the profit it brings in but also what it gives to the community. Harish Manwani mentions “how do we make sure that we have a great business but we also have a great environment around us?” this is an important key because it makes us think about what these businesses are actually bringing to our society.

2. Please describe how sustainable and/or ethical business practices was illustrated in this video.

– The ethical practice used here is to change lives, for instance Manwani mentions how his company that sells soaps brings more good and saves more lives than pharmaceutical companies. Small actions can make a big difference, a simple soap bar saves millions of people because it prevents infections when used.

3. Please describe what HR’s role is or should be in creating, supporting and promoting these practices.

– Hr’s role in these practices is leadership, learning and development is just one of the systems that HR professionals can use to support good leadership in their organization. HR can play the role of guiding communication and culture within its employees to be motivated to do well within the community.

4. Please highlight one of the HR issues or challenges discussed in the video/podcast and identify an article that relates to this issue.  Please post a link to the article and describe how the information is relevant.

Title:  The importance of ethics in business

I chose this article because it talks about the importance of ethics in a business ethical behavior can bring significant benefits to a business, they can attract customers to the firm’s products, which boosts sales and profits. In the video, the simple bar soap brought a lot of good to the community, 5 million kids didn’t make it to the age of 5 because they didn’t have access to a simple bar soap which could have save their lives from infections. If a company can introduce a simple but beneficial product than at the end of the day they are doing better than the one’s making more profit because of their ethical practices.









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