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Video/Podcast/Ted Talk Title and Link: Structure Comes First


Questions: Jacob Morgan Video Clips

  1. In a few sentences, please discuss your thoughts about this video segment/podcast, and explain how the information relates to the practice of human resource management.

– My thoughts on this video are .that when an organization comes up with an idea, they should think about the structure first and then the outcome, If an organizations fails, it should not be a shock because it was built to withstand change and if it cannot change and prosper than it was not structured right.

  1. Please describe the unique aspects of the organization’s HR function.

– This video didn’t speak on the organization’s HR aspect but a general example I can give is that the HR department can always encourage or hire employees that they know will bring a bright future to the company.


  1. Please consider replicating these innovations/policies/ in other organizations. Would it be desirable or realistic? If so, please describe the challenges involved, and how the HR Department might address these obstacles to implementation.

– Jacob Morgan brought up a good point, “why do we get shocked when organizations start to fail or shut down?”. If a company cannot adapt to change than they really have no future. For example, Apple comes out every year with a new IPhone keeping up with the changes and not stopping due to the fact that if they do then they won’t keep growing. Morgan brought up  good point about Kodak, they didn’t think about the future, they were just living in the present and that is why they had a complete shutdown. I believe that if a company wants to keep growing that have to open and on the lookout for new ideas at all times.


  1. Please highlight one of the HR issues or challenges discussed in the video/podcast and identify an article that relates to this issue. Please post a link to the article and describe how the information is relevant.


I chose this article because this it shows one of the biggest popular company shutting down and filing bankruptcy because it saw that it had no future, the company Netflix overpowered and they didn’t know how to deal with the situation. Instead of looking for ways to expand and come back into the market, they instead took the closure way out.












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