SAP: The Future of Work


This article focuses on a current HR is affecting several organizations including SAP, with the rapidly changing workforce and greater impact of millennials within these organizations, companies need to keep up and solve ways to attract and retain millennials.  SAP is currently doing so by incorporating a collaborative and open work environment that allows employees to foster creativity and work alongside others. SAP is using a method of allowing employees to design and set up their workspace to fit specific needs and desires. SAP is also touching upon other current focuses of the millennial generation; SAP uses its sustainability efforts to attract these types of employees. This article specifically references what millennials want out of their workplace, most importantly making an impact and maintaining a work-life balance. Millennial’s use technology more than ever compared to other generations it is second nature, as they have grown up with it and are comfortable using it. By offering capabilities such as video conferencing, collaborative content, and software to make scheduling and conferencing easier. By incorporating these types of functions into an organization, companies can more the workplace appeal more to the millennial generation. While not only Millennials will benefit from these changes, all generations will need to adapt and bringing in Millennials that know and understand the technology will aid in helping others and creating a more collaborative company culture.

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