Fall Internship – IBX


Position: Senior Benefits Consultant Intern for the Federal Employment Program (FEP)


        • Participation in off-site Federal Agency meetings for the purpose of distributing 2017 FEP Open Season materials.
        • Ability to describe plans and clarify any confusion concerning the benefits that are offered
        • Contacting clients for additional information or materials in regards to the benefits that are specifically offered
        • Delivery of 2017 FEP Open Season materials to 5 county southeastern PA post offices.
        • Various in office administrative duties related to 2017 FEP Open Season.

Connection to HRM content: My internship for the Federal Employment Program at Independence connects to the duties that an HR manager or officer would have to complete regarding the company’s benefits plans. During my experience, I worked directly with multiple HR managers to help them further their understanding of what their healthcare benefits entail. It is important that these managers fully understand their healthcare benefits because they are coaching and assisting the employees in the selection and any issues with the company’s benefits program. It is also the duty of the HR manager to understand what benefits their employees want because this will aid in retention and will help the companies have a strategic advantage.


Personal Reflection: I was honored when Independence offered me an extension on my internship from the summer. At the beginning, I was nervous because I was now in a different department and working with a new team. However, the team was amazing and welcomed me with open arms. They offered extensive training on their benefit packages that are regulated by the Blue Cross Blue Shield Association. I enjoyed going to the open enrollment meetings and speaking with an array of employees. One of the best parts of this internship is having the ability to educate and help people understand their insurance policies to a more extensive aspect.  

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