Grant Sprunger

The Future Of Work: Pandora

Pandora is a music streaming radio service that started in January 2000. They quickly grew to over 2,200 employees which can be a difficult task to handle. They like to use the passion for music as a motivator and connection to one another to influence the space they have. Lead art director Jeff ho used music to design different spaces in the office that would appeal to all types of individuals. Pandora offices even have practice and recording rooms for staff to use.

Kristen Robinson (Chief Human Resources Officer) described a change in the role of HR function over the years at Pandora. Robinson said that just a couple years ago HR was acting as a strategic partner and that as HR changes they will focus more onto the people instead of the business. her rational for this is that if the staff is successful it will intern lead the business to success. Therefore, Pandora offers employees varying work spaces and flexible work schedules.

One HR struggle Robinson mentions is the ability to keep and retain talent. She believes that it is getting harder to find talented, motivated, and creative individuals in the work force so she stresses keeping them a high priority. Her strategy to this absent talent base is offering a space to the type of employee you want. Then the right people are applying and participating fully at work.

In an article by Forbes magazine called “6 Ideas to Promote Innovation in You Workplace this Year” they offer ways in which a creative culture can be captured and many of they line up with Pandora’s goals of being more people centered.  One part that Pandora excels at that is mention in the article is binging on people who love what they do.  The article says that having people who believe in the product/company will help improve both the atmosphere and the product.