Professional Achievement Program

FOXMIS Professional Achievement - Grand Master FOXMIS Professional Achievement - Master FOXMIS Professional Achievement - Candidate FOXMIS Professional Achievement - Apprentice
1200 or more points 900 or more points 700 or more points 500 or more points

Fox HRM has partnered with the MIS department to offer an innovative program that provides you the opportunity to earn points for participating in professional development activities. The following chart shows how the point breakdown (click image to enlarge):



The program will be implemented in phases, with two specific classes acting as benchmarks for progress.

In order to pass HRM 2501, 3511 and 4596, the following points are required.


Points Needed To Pass

HRM 2501


HRM 3511


HRM 4596



If you have any questions please contact either Andrea Lopez (

Professional development is different from academic achievement, though both are important. In order to contribute value to their organizations, employers expect their new hires will possess communication and technical competencies, knowledge of fundamental HRM principles, and relationship-building skills. As your faculty mentors, we believe that these professional development capabilities will be best achieved by participating in a variety of activities. While academic achievement is measured by GPA, professional development will be measured by portfolio points.

All about points

Students receive professional achievement badges to showcase their accomplishments and point levels. The badges are displayed on e-portfolios. Professional achievement leaders are featured on the front page of the HRM Community platform. 

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