All HRM majors are now required to have an e-portfolio to keep track of the points that they will acquire each semester. Read more about this points program on the points section of our site.

This page will give you instructions on how to create an e-portfolio if you are new to the process, and it will also provide instructions on how to import/export your e-portfolio into the HRM site if you have already made one for MIS. Finally, in order to start acquiring points, you need to have your E-portfolio approved. This involves “listing” your e-portfolio on the Fox Community HRM site (instructions will be listed below)!

Starting From Scratch?

Didn’t get a chance to create an e-portfolio from the Fox Community HRM Site? Well, click the image below to get started! You can easily access all of the e-portfolios created by HRM students and alumni through this site. Clicking this image will direct you to a sample e-portfolio and will provide you with basic instructions on how to complete one from scratch!



  • WebEx Instructions: https://tustudents.webex.com/tustudents/ldr.php?RCID=9e82b73774bc872de194fac2bbd58270


  • Follow these steps:
  • Create a blog on the HRM Community site – hover over “Sites” on the top of the screen after you login and then click on “Create a Site”.
  • Use the following convention to name your blog so that it is easy for people to find you. Do not use any punctuation such as dashes or underline characters:
    • First initial followed by last name (e.g., jdoe for Jane Doe)
    • If that does not work, then full first name followed by last name (e.g., JaneDoe)
    • If that does not work, then full first name, middle initial, and last name (e.g., JaneLDoe).
  • For “Site Title”, use your name.
  • Be sure to choose Yes for the privacy question. This enables recruiters to search for and locate your site.
  • After formatting your e-portfolio, don’t forget to submit it for approval by clicking “List my E-Portfolio” on the HRM Community site on the header menu, and send a link to hrmpoint@temple.edu.

E-Portfolio Requirements

Please follow the format below in creating your eportfolio

  • Navigable Menu
    • In an appropriate, organized order
  • Complete Community Profile: profile picture, profile information, and professional details
  • Page Requirements
    • Welcome Page: professional photo, academic information:  major, minor, and graduation date, and introductory paragraph that welcomes people to your website and provides a brief bio.
    • Career Objective Page
        • Paragraph free of grammatical errors
    • Resume Page with attached PDF resume
        • Your resume must be CSPD certified.
    • Academic History Page with relevant experience in concise or bullet format
    • Work History page – try to integrate relevant course concepts into the descriptions of your work experiences
        • Organized and easy to read
    • Hobbies/Interests page with job-related interests and/or extracurricular activities
    • Pictures, logos and other ways personalize your page
    • Professional Development Page – list and describe professional development activities such as: TU SHRM membership, CSPD training, networking events, workshops, mock interview training, etc.
    • Volunteer/Service Page – list and describe participation in service events
    • Pictures, logos and other ways personalize your page
    • Contact Page – email or phone number

When your eportfolio is complete, please submit for approval by sending the link to hrmpoint@temple.edu.  An eportfolio consultant will review it for content and presentation, and provide feedback.  Once it is approved, your eportfolio will be visible to recruiters and people outside of Fox, and you will also earn 50 points!  Please contact an eportfolio consultant (see HRT for contact information) or hrmpoint@temple.edu if you have any questions. 

Remember; even after your eportfolio is approved, you should continue to post updates about your job preferences, class projects,  articles, internships, and other relevant and point-worthy activities. Recruiters continually search the site!  

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