SHRM Officers

We are reaching out to you to get engaged with your favorite SPO!


Meet your representatives in SHRM. 


Connor McNamee: President

Connor McNamee


Megan Rybak: VP of Internal Affairs

Megan Rybak

VP of Internal Affairs

Jennifer DeWitt: VP of External Affairs

Jennifer DeWitt

VP of External Affairs

Carmine Fieo: Secretary

Carmine Fieo


Phoung Nguyen: VP of Finance

Phuong Nguyen

VP of Finance

Kevin Bradley: Fundraising Director

Kevin Bradley

Fundraising Director

Ryan Colomy: Corporate Relations Director

Ryan Colomy

Corporate Relations Director

Marissa Charney: Student Relations Director

Marissa Charney

Student Relations Director

Melany Bustillos: Social Media Director

Melany Bustillos

Social Media Director

Romer Acosta: IT Director

Romer Acosta

IT Director


Zachary Mullen

Public Relations Director

Matthew Farley: Research Director

Matthew Farley

Research Director


Maria Chinwalla

Ambler Campus Liaison

Logan Brunkhurst: Community Relations Director

Logan Brunkhurst

Community Relations Director

Maxwell Day: E-Portfolio Committee

Maxwell Day

E-Portfolio Committee

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