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Jamaiah Turner

Email: Jamaiah.Turner@temple.edu


 My name is Jamaiah Turner, I am from South Jersey about 30 minutes outside of Philly. I am currently a senior at Fox School of Business with a major in Human Resource Management and I will be graduating in August 2017. I transferred to Temple University in the Fall of 2014 after I graduated from Camden County College in December of 2013 with an A.S in Business Administration. I chose to major in HR management because I believe that an organization is successful when its employees are engaged and valued within its culture, and HR allows me to expand my skills and knowledge to best benefit any organization. Another reason why I chose HR management is because it inspires me to help others by assisting them in becoming more efficient in the positions in which they work. I would love to gain experience from a management perspective through internships with the hopes of applying the experience to the HR areas in healthcare.

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