Activities and Interests

I am currently on Temples Football Team, where my Position is Long Snapper. I have been on the team since I had transferred from West Virginia University in Summer 2014. I am currently a member of SHRM, known as The Society of Human Resource Management. One of my main goals for my future would be to own my very own restaurant. I really enjoy cooking and playing different sports. Being an athlete at Temple university helps me meet new people and to work as a team with others. These skills that I learn, will help me in my future in business. I consider football to be a job because of all the sacrifices that I make for it. I am very dedicated to what I do and I am always looking to improve on things every day. I really enjoy spending some quality time with my family when I get the chance to. I am currently busy with football and if I weren’t only an hour away from home, I would never get the chance to see them. For that I am grateful.



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