Summer HR Internship

During this summer, I had the opportunity to work as a Human Resource Intern for the City of Philadelphia. It was a great experience and I have learned many new things that will give me a competitive advantage for my career. Here are some daily tasks that I had to do on a regular basis:

  • Presented and trained supervisors during human resource training session
  • Observed a Human resource training session for supervisors
  • Attended human resource meetings
  • Created a survey and distributed amongst every employee
  • Restructured filing system
  • Send various emails to departments with the topics covering payroll, attendance, living arrangements, Time-cards,
  • Used Oracle system to find information about employees, job descriptions, time-cards,
  • Contacted employees via phone to collect information

The best part of working for the City of Philadelphia was being able to meet new people and connect with them. There are many Temple Alumni that I’ve worked with, and I can say I made many friends.

Having fun at work? It could be bad for your productivity

Having fun at work? It could be bad for your productivity 


This article relates to the video because it talks about having too much fun at work can cause a loss in productivity. Every company needs to have a balance between having fun and working. If you have too much fun it can cause less productivity. If you have more work then fun this could also lead to a higher turnover rate.

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