Work-Related Experience

The City of Philadelphia                                                                           

Human Resource Intern                                                                                                     Summer 2017

  • Presented and trained supervisors during human resource training session
  • Observed a Human resource training session for supervisors
  • Attended human resource meetings
  • Created a survey and distributed amongst every employee
  • Restructured filing system
  • Send various emails to departments with the topics covering payroll, attendance, living arrangements, Time-cards,
  • Used Oracle system to find information about employees, job descriptions, time-cards
  • Contacted employees via phone to collect information

Temple Football Athlete

I am currently a student-athlete here at temple university. I devote more than 40 hours per week to daily trainings and seasonal competitions, while working toward a degree at Temple University. Throughout this process I learn leadership and time management skills. I am constantly working together with my teammates to complete each mission. We all have a “whats next” attitude in order to start focusing on our next task. Some other things that i take away from being a student-athlete would be:

  • Learn new plays to effectively perform during games for an American Athletic Conference football team.
  • Review practice and game day film following athletic competition to enhance skills to improve future performance.
  • Participate in rigorous training throughout the year and receive instructions from coaches in preparation for 12 games during the season.

Ever since I was in high school I have worked at an Italian specialties store, known as Joe Leones. Since then I have learned so many different aspects of jobs through my time bing their. I have work at multiple jobs through the years in order to learn more about the business.there. I am a Baker, Chef, Food Prepper, Dish Washer, and Delivery Driver.  I have trained 8 new employees to be a swift and polite delivery driver while working on the job. Now that I am a student-athlete and I am at school during the summer time, I would go home in the summer on weekends to work.

Temple Football Work

I have also worked at multiple Temple associated football camps, known as Matt Rhule’s football camp. I was a coach, mentor and I would help organize over 500 participants into the camp. Another job that I would do is compute every participants information into an excel spread sheet for the temple football recruiting staff.


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