Attending the National Net Impact Conference

National Net Impact Conference

November 3-5, 2016

Pennsylvania Convention Center

In November, I had the incredible chance to attend the National Net Impact Conference, which conveniently took place right here in Philadelphia.

Since Temple’s undergraduate chapter served as a partner chapter to the conference, we had the opportunity to work with Net Impact National to develop Sustainability StrEAT, a corner of the Expo devoted to sustainable food companies.

At the conference, I was able to hear keynotes from Doug McMillon, President & CEO of Walmart and Michael Smith, previous Special Assistant to the President of the U.S. for My Brother’s Keeper.

Some of the highlights of the panels I attended include:

  • Does Your Closet Match Your Values?
    • I learned about Levi Strauss & Co.’s Terms of Engagement, the very first code of conduct created for a supply chain.
  • Navigating Bias in Employment Practices
    • We discussed the Rooney Rule as a form of affirmative action, microaggressions, and the idea that mandatory training on a transparent, accountable process is better than mandatory inclusion training.
  • Integrating Sustainability & Impact into Employee Engagement
    • I learned about KPMG’s sustainability initiatives, the Sustainable Development Goals Industry Matrix, and this phrase: “if you’re working on a problem you can solve in your lifetime, you’re not thinking big enough.”
  • Biomimicry & Beyond
    • We discussed considering what nature would do in respect to:
      • Product
      • Process (where is there waste that we can turn into input?)
      • Place (how would nature design the ideal human habitat for creativity?)
      • Purpose (do you exist to make a profit, or make a profit to exist?)
  • Not Your Grandma’s CEO
    • This woman-led panel included Judy Wicks, founder of the White Dog Cafe in Philadelphia.
    • “Let your setbacks be a setup for a really great comeback.”
  • Resilient Urban Food Systems
    • This panel engaged in a discussion of food deserts between The Urban Creators in Philadelphia and Starbucks.


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