Career Link: Suburban Station

Company Overview: Career Link Suburban Station provides the city of Philadelphia with a valuable service. This service is locating jobs that are an ideal fit with applicants’ skills, qualifications, and professional experience. The development of successful relationships with employers resulted from proper identification and screening of applicants. According to Philadelphia Works, Career Link offers a no-cost service which includes job search assistance, job seeker workshops, networking groups, career counseling, and skills and interest assessments. Also, computer training is offered to enhance the technical competency of job seekers looking to enhance their abilities.

Co-opportunity Internship: Throughout my co-opportunity internship experience, I spent an entire semester at Career Link. As an HR Intern, my main purpose was to connect “job seekers” with a job that fit their experience, skills, and individual needs. There are many factors that play a role in a successful hire of an applicant. My approach was to sort applicants based on what industry they were qualified to work in. After sorting and categorizing a pool of applicants, I assisted in assessing and interviewing top candidates to see if they were a qualified candidate to send to an employer. Our goal was to discover and send a qualified job seeker to an employer.


Relation to HRM Studies: This experience was very valuable to me as a Human Resource Management major. Specifically, one potential career that interests me is a Corporate Recruiter. Evaluating resumes, interviewing applicants, storing applicant data accurately, and modifying excel spreadsheets are all important skills that have been enhanced because of this experience.

Final Project: During the end of my term as an HR Intern, I was required to design a workshop and present it to clients at Career Link: Suburban Station. I worked on this project with four Senior Temple Human Resource Management majors. This project was required to be a live presentation instructing clients at Career Link: Suburban Station. Together, we created  a resume building workshop titled “Resume Re-up.” The interns that created and presented the “Resume Re-up” workshop were Adam Massinger, Ross Weinstein, Jacqueline Hamati, and myself. At the conclusion of this presentation all the participants rated our workshop a 5/5 in every category on the Satisfaction Survey Questionnaire.

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