Starbucks: NE Philadelphia

Company Values: During my time at Starbucks, I learned a lot about business. Starbucks Partners are trained to be masters of customer service. The organization is required to represent quality. Quality is not just in the product, but in the entire customer experience. My time here has taughtwork2.fw me a great deal about how to handle customers. The key to customer service is to be polite and smile. A simple “Good Morning” can really make a difference in someone’s day. To attain customer loyalty the product must be right and the customer must be treated respectfully. My store has been ranked #1 in its district in sales and other metrics. The business model focuses heavily on product and atmospheric quality. I can handle a fast paced environment thanks to Starbucks.

Operational Contributions: As a future business professional, I constantly monitor and assess business processes. I believe in a continuous improvement model. Although I was a Barista, this position did not limit my ability to offer suggestions to improve the functionality of my store. Over the course of my term at Starbucks,Starbucks Awards my store had gradually improved in many areas. By 2015, my team at Grant and Academy won many awards including being ranked number one in its Philadelphia District in overall sales.

Our whole team helped improve our store to a higher level. Regarding my contributions, they were mainly operational focused. I adjusted equipment placement periodically to minimize the waiting time per order. Additionally, I offered suggestions which usually led to increased efficiency and productivity. The team has a very effective communication structure. The freedom that allows employees at all levels to voice their opinions and offer suggestions for improvement has enabled Starbucks to discover more successful ways to carry out it’s daily operations.

Relation to HR Studies:  The culture incorporates values of respect, friendliness, and acceptance. Employees practicing these values are crucial for proper business function. At Starbucks, they are the Third Place, a home away from home to relax and enjoy your favorite beverages and pastries. Throughout my experience here, I learned how special it feels to be part of a successful team. Employees within our organization are like a family.

I hope to be a Manager some day. I love working with people and my time here has better equipped me to properly collaborate with others and ensure customers are happy with their service. Understanding customer and employee expectations are vital to keep each other happy. Happiness creates engagement which equates to a more successful business. Employees’ moods, feelings and values have a direct impact on a product or service, therefore Human Resources has a very important responsibility within an organization. My term at this company improved my people skills and ability to be a key contributor to a successful team.


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