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  • On February 9th, 2017, Professor Kathleen Davis’s HRM Capstone class was partaking in a Job Readiness Workshop at Temple University for non-Fox School of Business Students.

    My task was during the event was […]

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  • My summer internship with Ross Stores was a 10-week program that allowed the interns to work as an assistant manager in training within a fast paced large retailer environment. The position’s title was ASM or […]

  • Video: The Future of Work Show – Episode 9: Udemy

    Article: The Disadvantages of Expanding a Business

    The issue I want to address is the expansion of Udemy. Udemy is a fast growing company that will be moving into their 3rd office within a year. When a company is growing rapidly, it is seen as a positive but there are negatives to growth. The article I read mentioned 4 problems that companies face when are expanding.

    The first problem mentioned was compromised quality. In Udemy’s case, since they are growing at a fast pace, they will most likely add a vast more of classes. With more classes, there will be more time needed into perfecting the academic experience of customers and clients. This will lead to more time spent on teaching and less on other daily routine activities within the organization. There are multiple solutions to this problem and I don’t see Udemy facing with quality since their culture is aligned with the employees values.

    The second problem mentioned was employee turnover. I think this might be a gradually increasing problem within Udemy. The article mentions the importance of hiring employees whose skill sets can be are aligned with their job description and how hiring errors are more prevalent in today’s workforce. In Udemy’s case, having a larger workspace means allocating all areas so that Udemy is utilizing all its resources efficiently and this can cause the addition of more employees. Given the fact Udemy already uses an employee referral program, if Udemy hires underachieving employees, this can cause a spiral of hiring employees who don’t fit with Udemy’s culture.

    The last 2 problems mentioned was financial challenges and loss of control. These problems correlate with both compromised quality and employee turnover. For instance, the lack of quality work will lead to a decrease in sales and money generated. With less money generated, there will be a possibility of employees wanting to shift ships to avoid potential firings. This is a repetitive cycle and it can detrimental for any organization as a whole because employees lack morale, the organization may face financial burdens and cause people losing their jobs or potentially bankruptcy.

    Udemy will need to address and monitor these problems during its expansion. Since Udemy has a rich culture and high employee engagement; I don’t think they will face these consequences but being precautious in a recent expansion is a must for such a small company whose goals are met based on the results of employee engagement, commitment, and collaboration in a vibrant work environment.

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