Talent Acquisition Manager – HR Verizon

Job Title:

Talent Acquisition Manager,

Basking Ridge, New Jersey, 08060.

July 2016-present


Job Description:

  • Design and execute customized, candidate recruiting plans, with hiring managers to achieve success.
  • Find and engage unique and/or passive candidates through creative sourcing techniques
  • Provide an efficient and positive experience for every candidate from identification stage to offer, evaluating skill level, managing the interview process and offer process, reference checks, salary recommendations and closing of candidates.
  • Negotiate complex offers to candidates by leveraging experience top technical talent.
  • Communicate effectively with the interview team for preparedness during the interview process.
  • Manage pipeline activity and proactively share updates with internal stakeholders.
  • Establish meaningful relationships across management and key cross-functional stakeholders.


They are related to courses I have taken at Fox School of Business at Temple University as follows:


Compensation Management:

  • Understanding Fair pay and compensation in a workplace.
  • Understand different pay structures as well as the ability to maintain top talent by competitive salary and strategies.
  • Understand ethical, legal and social obligations for pay and compensation.
  • In-depth analysis of tactical and strategic designs of organizational design and strategy and how to implement it into a workplace.
  • Roles of financial and non-financial rewards and how to effectively use both for motivation and reducing the turn-over ratio.

Business Ethics:

  • Develop the ability to view the business organization as a system consisting of interrelated business functions.
  • Develop the ability to identify critical business issues that need to be addressed by an organization.
  • Identify strategic alternative and Develop supporting arguments for each strategic alternative.
  • Make ethical decisions that enhance both competitive advantage and shareholder value.
  • Identify tactical decisions to implement selected strategies.
  • Develop methods to assess the effectiveness of strategy and tactics.


Hiring Manager/Direct Supervisor Information:

Vikrant Tunious

Title: Sales District Manager

Email: vtunious@verizonwireless.com

Phone Number: 917-577-5741

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