HRM On the Ground Experience

My Experience

HRM 3531 or HRM On the ground is a semester long course, where you work with a real company from outside of temple and gain many skills such as problem-solving and project management in a cooperative effort with the company. We analyzed a problem that the bushiness had and presented opportunities to improve the company. The company we worked closely with this semester was Vanguard. My role in this project was to, with a small group, improve the look and functionality of vanguards website to better attract undergraduates and postgraduates. This was a great experience and there is many things i will take away from it. I learned how to work in a group on multistage projects. I learned how to conduct focus groups and gather information from them. I learned more about myself, and how I works in a group with people who may be completely different. However most importantly i learned how to better present ideas and solutions to a major company. This class was a great experience and i am glad the I was given the opportunity to work with vanguard.

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